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Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch
Kids Couch

Kids Couch

Children love Kids Couch for its interplanetary possibilities, but parents love it for something else: saving space. It takes the place of dozens of trinkets and small toys, allowing for less cleanup and safer play.

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Machine Washable

Imaginative Play

30-Day Trial

 Who knew the way to your child’s heart was through Kids Couch!

What's inside the box

Two supportive

Good things come in pairs. Take advantage of their versatility! Whether you are building a tower, needing a shield, or resting your head for some down time - they will be there to support you.

One soft cushion

Don’t let the softness fool you. It may be soft but it is fierce and strong - catching you at every fall, tumble and bounce!

One sturdy base

For a successful fort you need a strong foundation – and this is exactly that! No matter what you throw on it you can be sure of stability and a strong sense of security.


Frequently asked questions

How big is Kids Couch?

Kids Couch is 32" deep and 68" long in its standard configuration. The seat is 9" above the ground, and it's 21" high to the top of the pillows in the standard configuration. Kids Couch is designed to fit just as well in nooks and crannies as it does in big open rooms. The Kids Couch box measures 15" x 15" x 34"

How soon can i use Kids Couch?

Because Kids Couch travel to you in a tightly compressed burrito, we ask that you give them one to two weeks after opening to fully fluff back to form. Foam is super malleable, so it's not uncommon for it to look a little wrinkly and smushed in certain places right after opening. However, it is 100% ready to be played with! We've found that having your children play with the Kids Couch often helps the foam find its original shape faster than it would if it's just sitting idle.

Where is Kids Couch made?

Kids Couch is designed in Canada and manufactured one at a time in China. We use fabric and foam produced in China.

Can I wash it?

With ease! Our microsuede is really durable, and machine washing works great. To preserve colour, wash on cold with only Kids Couch pieces of the same colour, and hang dry to prevent shrinking. For the small stuff, you can spot clean with a moist cloth or a carpet/upholstery cleaning solution.

What is your refund & return policy?

We’re 100% confident in the product, so we want you to find out it's 100% great for you. For 30 days with Kids Couch, try it out! Keep it if it’s everything you imagined (or hadn't even thought of yet!), or send us a note if you were hoping for something else — we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps to initiate a return.