5 Fun Indoor Games For Kids

5 Fun Indoor Games For Kids

I love taking my kids out to play. They are sometimes reluctant (damn smartphones…) but they always have loads of fun in the end.

That being said, there are plenty of times that we can’t do that, because of bad weather or any other circumstances (I’m looking at you, COVID).

I used to stress out on those occasions because I didn’t want them to fall into the technology trap (which they would gladly do), but I didn’t know how to stop them from asking for the damned tablet 100 times in a row…

Now I just turn out to a few easy, very fun games that you can set up in minutes and have them entertained for hours inside the house:



Micro Golf

Even smaller than a minigolf. You just need a ping-pong ball, some plastic or foam sticks, and a paper cup.

Mark up a circuit around the living room using strings, tape, or any other long objects.

The rules are simple, hit the ball with the stick along the circuit until you reach the paper cup. Whoever takes fewer shots to do it wins the round.

Try to include as much furniture as you (safely) can, like touching a corner of the room or needing the ball to pass under the sofa.

You can even use books as a ramp to jump over obstacles. 



The Floor Is Lava

The classics never die, because they are so fun! This is probably the easiest game to set up. 

You don’t really need to do anything, you just have to be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand…

Rules: The floor is lava! Kids need to move around the room on top of sofas and cushions to avoid burning down.

Aside from enjoying the challenge, they will learn some problem solving and how to work with limitations.



Laser Obstacle Course 

A very cool and fun game that will make them feel like they are in a spy movie! 

You have the fancy option or the low-tech option, depending on budget and how hard you want to make it for yourself…

  • Hi-tech: You’ll need 20-30 laser pointers, blue-tack, and anything that can make it easier to see the lasers (vape, chalk dust, even a smoke machine if you don’t want to spare any expense…)

Blue-tack the lasers to the wall, pointing them at different angles to make a cool laser obstacle course. 

  • Low-tech: Just tape wool threads to the walls to make your obstacle course. I swear kids won’t care, it’s super fun!

Remember that they can’t touch the lasers to win, so make sure it’s not too difficult for them!



Treasure Hunt

Hide riddles rolled up like scrolls that lead to the next scroll around your house. 

The final scroll leads to a treasure chest. You can choose what to put inside, it’s not as important as the fun they have, but it’s gotta be worth the chase if you want them to do it again.

You can even battle them in between scrolls with foam swords if they are into pirates or that sort of things.




This is not a game per se, but you can use it for anything. Take a look here.

I discovered it while looking for cushions for some of these games.

My kids love it, both for playing and making stuff up or to sit down to read or watch TV.

They look pretty comfortable in it and it makes them more active. Here’s the link again: KidsCouch.ca

And hey, if you are feeling adventurous you can try to combine all games into a massive golf course where the floor is lava with laser obstacles on top of the Kidscouch! (I don’t know where to fit the treasure hunt, you can figure that one out…)

Now go have some fun with your kids!

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