4 Programs To Enroll Your Kids in during 2023 Fall

4 Programs To Enroll Your Kids in during 2023 Fall

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So school’s coming around which means…

Kids are gonna need to socialize.

And get active.

Most parents struggle finding what programs to enroll their children in…

Will they like it? Is it fun? Is it useful? 

Because when as a kid, learning anything is super easy due to their neutrons so… what should they learn?

Here are a few recommendations for programs for your kids to be enrolled in 2023.



1. Swimming

One of the best programs without a doubt.

Not only will your kid learn how a skill to keep them safe in the water…

But it’s one of the best activités to develop their fitness.

If your kid is fairly new to even getting in the water, we’d recommend going in the water with them at first (beach or pool)

Or enrolling them in a parent/kid program if they’re very young.



2. New Language Course

My kids hated me for this, maybe yours will too at first…

But they’re now so grateful that they’re now bilingual.

I cannot stress how important it is for your kids to learn as many new skills as possible

So whether it be a language that you also speak or that your family speaks, teach em’ while they’re young.

These schools are also running on weekends or weekday affternoons so it’s perfect for a balanced school schedule.



3. Sport at high-level

This one’s a bit controversial but I personally believe that every kid should try playing sports at a high level.

Now obvisouly not at the start which is why I signed up my little girl for beginner basketball classes to start but I quickly got her to join high level clubs.

The reason why high level sports for kids is great is because it teaches them so many lessons.

Discipline, leadership, hard work and how o be winners.

Especially if you want your kid as a CEO one day.

However I warn you, make sure your kid enjoys the sport they join.

If not, do not force them. 

Let them want to play or not.



4. Special Home Program

Programs can only keep your kids busy for so long because there’s only so many you can sign up for.

But what about for at home? 

Especially since most of us parents are going to back to the office more often…

The Kidscouch keeps your kids active, creative and learning since it’s a fort and playground merged into a couch.

They won’t be on the TV or bugging their siblings all day - instead having real fun.

If you wanna try it risk free for 30 days check it out here.

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