3 Tips To Develop Your Kids Socially

3 Tips To Develop Your Kids Socially

You ever notice a common trend right now with kids? 

They’re getting shyer and shyer…

And there’s no coincidence that screens have become more and more common with younger ages

So here’s how we can stop this problem for your kid.

PSA: shyness isn’t a bad thing, this is to help your kid develop their social skills if you feel that they’re a bit behind.

Here’s 3 tips to develop them sociall



1. Programs

School is only so good for making friends and socializing…

Since your kids are seeing the same kids year after year.

They don’t really have the opportunity to meet new kids often and build friendships from there.

Programs offer that. 

It’s kinda like clubs for kids (socially, obviously.)

Whether it be for sports, arts or learning new languages your kids will not only become more sociable but probably make lifelong friends.



2. Playdates

This is where the kids build real connections.

They’re talking one on one and having meaningful conversations

The best is to let them play on their own, as long as they’re not in danger.

And see how your kids act around each friend. 

Because it also tells you a little bit about your own kid that you may not notice when with them alone. 

My best recommendation: get your kid organizing sleepovers ASAP because it’s the best for socializing.



3. Kidscouch

Imagine a fort, playground and legos mixed in one. 

You can build forts, reassemble or do whatever your creative child can imagine with the couch.

And most importantly, how much teamwork is involved to build really cool forts with your kids’ buddies.

It’s the perfect couch for play dates.

You remember that one friend you had as a kid with the awesome pool you were dying to go in?

The Kidscouch gives the same feeling to kids now.

That’s why we created the kids couch which you can check out here.

But I’m warning you, don’t put it near the dinner table because your kids will run there during dinnertime.

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