3 Fun Home Activities With Your Kids

3 Fun Home Activities With Your Kids

So you got your Kidscouch…

But you wanna bond with your kids using the couch too…

Well what if I told you there were a few activités you could do with your kids together?

After all, the Kidscouch is never too young for anyone ;)

Here are 3 fun activités to do with your kids on the kids couch 



1. Movie Night

This one’s my favorite with Daisy.

First, you build a nice fort to chill and watch the movie.

Make sure there’s space to hold you food.

We always use the triangles to support thme like tables.

Then turn on your favorite movie and enjoy.

It’s a fun and creative way to watch the movies - even better than the theatres.



2. Guess The Object

This one’s my favorite with Daisy.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Team 1 builds a random figure (robot, dog, castle)
  • Team 2 tries to guess what it is
  • If Team 2 guesses correctly, they get to build a random figure

Basically Pictionary with the Kidscouch blocks.

Because the options really are endless.

It’ll also stimulate your kids’ creativity while making it a fun family-to-family competition.



3. Funky Forts

This one’s a bit silly.

You’re gonna try to make the funkiest fort in the weirdest shape with your Kidscouch.

This is perfect to let your kid’s imagination go wild.


P.S. if you don't have one check it out here. 

Bonus challenge: try to have it float on one block.

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